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Ananya Kodali

Vice President

Hi guys! My name is Ananya, and I will be your 2019-2020 TMS VP! My medical interests are oncology and neuroscience. In addition to TMS, I also serve as Director of Volunteering for Driving Tomorrow, (vroom vroom!) a nonprofit organization based in TAMS. I have a lot of random hobbies, including editing vlogs, mixing songs, playing the piano, watching and attempting choreographies and baking videos. If any of these things intrigue you, please reach out to me because I also love making new friends and meeting new people!:)

As Vice President, I am in charge of managing the ten TMS committees. I'm immensely proud of all of our committees and the varied opportunities they offer, from shadowing and educating to fundraising and direct volunteering. I also serve as Chair of Production for Stethoscope, the TAMS-UNT Medical Humanities Magazine. If you ever have any questions about TMS, TAMS, or life, I'm always happy to answer!



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