Volunteering Committee

Welcome to TMS Outreach! Outreach is a committee that is committed to giving young children the opportunity to learn about a plethora of important medical concepts. We provide engaging activities , such as presentations and games, to elementary and middle school students to teach them about medicine. Through Outreach TAMS students spread awareness about the medical field in a fun and interactive way. Through the activities hosted by Outreach, we help introduce health concepts to the future medical professionals of society!

Meet The Team


Gabby Fak


Ada Khoja


Sarah Jacob

Heyy guyss!! My name is Gabrielle and I am one of the committee heads for TMS Outreach. I will be handling logistics and helping the other two committee heads as well. I love music, art, crochet, embroidery and making dad jokes! Do you know at what time tennis players go to sleep? At ten-nish.

Hi! My name is Ada Khoja and I am your TMS Outreach Committee Head for 2022-2023! In my free time, I like to read, spontaneously binge shows on Netflix, and hang out with my friends. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions :)

Hey guys! My name is Sarah and I am one of the committee heads for TMS Outreach for the 2022-2023 school year! I am in charge of outreach to Sam Houston Elementary, and host orientation for that as well. I love drawing, dancing, and am always listening to music. Don’t hesitate to message me for anything!