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Hi Medics, I’m Eeshan and I’m going to be your 2020-2021 Volunteer Coordinator! As your VC, I’ll be presenting many new and continued volunteer opportunities for you guys throughout the year from TMS and keeping record of all of your TMS volunteering hours for HOSA. Additionally, I’ll also be the head of the TMS Shadows Committee, through which we will be able to provide you guys with real shadowing opportunities and experience in the health-care field. So feel free to hit me up with questions about stuff, or if you just wanna talk!


For the future, my medical interests include orthopedics or optometry, and I would definitely be down to discuss any related topics with you guys anytime! Currently, you can definitely find me hanging out with my friends, watching movies, drumming, or eating! Also, I love to obsess over new advancements in technology, so definitely feel free to contact me anytime to discuss something or to just hang out!

Facebook: Eeshan Joshi


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