Anush Beeram



Hey guys, My name is Anush and I’m going to be your 2020-2021 TMS President! I got interested in medicine because I wanted to help people in the greatest way possible while exploring the endless bounds of the human body. My main area of interest is general surgery. Outside of TMS, I am an undergrad researcher in a plant biology lab and a math tutor, so hit me up if you need any math help. I spend a lot of time with my friends playing basketball at the rec and talking about politics late at night. I also am involved in Docked Bhangra and Boy Scouts. 


As President, I am in charge of making sure everything is going as planned. I am also responsible for fielding new ideas and opportunities for TMS. I also work with a phenomenal board made of the 5 most creative, fun yet passionate people ever and all I can say is watch out for TMS, we’re making moves this year ;)

Facebook: Anush Beeram
Instagram: @anush.beeram


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