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Hey guys! My name is Wail (pronounce Y.L. not whale…) and I’m going to be your 2019-2020 TMS President! I got interested in medicine because I wanted to help people but also explore the wonders of the human body. My main areas of interest are neurology so catch me in lab doing neuroscience research or neuro-cognitive psych studies. Other than TMS, I am the committee head of the Boys and Girls Club committee (shout out to HOPE). My hobbies are pretty random. I like taking pictures, trying new stuff (especially food) and talking to people so if you ever need a shoot, someone to try a new restaurant with or a 3 AM talk, I’m your guy ;). My other interest include all kinds of music, soccer, editing (pictures and videos) and exploring.


As President, I am responsible of looking over the club and making sure everything is going as planned. I am also responsible for managing the new ideas we plan to implement. I also work with a phenomenal board made of the 5 most creative, fun yet passionate people ever and all I can say is watch out for TMS, we’re making moves this year ;)

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