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Shadows is a committee under Tams Medical Society with the purpose of providing students with direct exposure to the diverse field of medicine, through shadowing and guest speakers. Shadowing a medical professional is a very worthwhile opportunity to gain hands-on medical experience and learn from those more experienced in the medical field.

Student emergency response team (SERT)

Student Emergency Response Team (SERT)SERT is a committee under the TAMS Medical Society with the purpose of educating the student body about the quintessential procedures necessary for emergencies and disaster relief, some of which being CPR/AED, and First Aid. We aim to accomplish our goals through our selection of CPR/First Aid demonstrations and numerous opportunities to get certified throughout the year.

TAMS Psychology Association (TPA)

The TAMS Psychology Association (TPA) is a committee under TMS dedicated to educating and providing students with opportunities in the field of psychology. Some of TPA’s events include QPR training, Green Dot training, mental health GAs, volunteering, and research opportunities.

Neuroscience Committee (TNS)

The Neuroscience Committee plans to help other students seeking advancement into the neuroscience field through activities with a strong correlation to neuroscience topics. We hope to increase awareness about the neuroscience committee through fundraisers giving back to the community and participating in neuroscience-related competitions.

Denton Nursing HOME (DNH)

Denton Nursing Home (DNH) is a committee under TAMS Medical Society (TMS) and Helping Other People Everywhere (HOPE) that provides students with the opportunity to interact with residents of the Good Samaritan Society Denton Nursing Home. DNH allows students to spend time with residents, share stories, play games, make crafts, and host parties. 


 Outreach is a committee that is committed to giving young children the opportunity to learn about a plethora of important medical concepts. We provide engaging activities , such as presentations and games, to elementary and middle school students to teach them about medicine. Through Outreach TAMS students spread awareness about the medical field in a fun and interactive way.

One club, countless moments

TMS Integrated Volunteering (IV)

Focuses on fundraising and volunteering to promote and spread knowledge about relevant medical causes - primarily HIV/AIDS - through events like TMS’s annual Aid the Cause fundraiser. Other events like Thanksgiving Pies and Valentine’s Candy Grams grant students the chance to give back to their community, earn volunteer hours, and donate to significant organizations like UNAIDS. IV strives to instill a passion in fundraising for important causes as well as spread awareness about important medical topics.

Project sunshine

Our mission as a nonprofit committee under Tams Medical Society is to help ensure that all children, regardless of their health conditions, are given the childhood they deserve. We hope to brighten up and provide a sense of normalcy to children during their hospital stay by holding fundraisers and donating various sunshine craft kits, blankets, and surgi dolls created by our student volunteers. Our committee impacts the local community by spreading the joy that everyone deserves.

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