Aryaa  Kolhe


Events Coordinator


Hello hello my favorite medics! My name is Aryaa and I am your 2020-2021 TMS Events Coordinator! I have always been inclined towards medicine; it is my passion and the only field I can see a future in. With the prevalence of a wide variety of health conditions ranging from obesity to cancers, my passion and love lie in the process of actively interacting with human beings and helping to alleviate their problems, no matter what they are. My medical interests include Dermatology and Obstetrics & Gynecology! 


As your Events Coordinator, I am in charge of planning and executing most of the TMS Events; the biggest one being ATC, which I treat as my baby. Other than TMS, I am an undergraduate researcher and Vice President of TAMS Student Council! If you ever need to find me, you can catch me taking a nap literally anywhere or eating my stress away >:( Feel free to contact/add me on any of my social media:

Facebook: Aryaa Kolhe
Instagram: @aryaakolhe


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