Denton Nursing Home (DNH) is a joint committee, under both TAMS Medical Social (TMS) and Helping Other People Everywhere (HOPE). DNH provides students the opportunity to interact with the residents of the Good Samaritan Society Nursing Home, twice a week. Our volunteering opportunities include making crafts, hosting parties, and, in general, playing games and spending time with the residents of the nursing home. DNH is an amazing opportunity for TAMS students to be involved in serving and making an impact in the Denton community. If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact any of us via Facebook messenger or email us at tamsnursinghome@gmail.com. We are super excited and let’s have a wonderful year!



Your DNH Committee Heads


Hi guys! My name is Kaitlin Sanders and I’m one of your 2020-2021 Denton Nursing Home Committee Heads. In my free time, I love playing the clarinet, watching cheesy dramas on Netflix, and eating at OG! You can catch me spending most of my time anywhere that has food. If you’re interested in volunteering with DNH this year or simply want to chat feel free to contact me on messenger!

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Hello everyone!! My name is Eric Roach II and I’ll be one of you’re 2020-2021 Denton Nursing Home committee heads. You can find me chilling with people in Mac, playing video games, or at many of the TAMS sporting events. Feel free to message me if you are interested in Denton Nursing Home or want to just talk. I look forward to working with all of you!!

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