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SERT is a new committee under the TAMS Medical Society with the purpose of educating future medics about procedures necessary for medical emergencies and disaster relief (i.e. CPR, AED, “Stop the Bleed”). Along with providing general lessons and/or workshops on medical procedures,  SERT allows students to experience biannual CPR and AED demonstrations from the Denton Fire Department and the opportunity to receive CPR certifications from the American Heart Association. Volunteers can serve the community by administering First Aid during emergencies or in the case of injuries at various events.


The 2019-2020 SERT committee heads are Emily Zhou, Khyathi Thallapureddy, and Maansi Srinivasan.


Hello guys! I'm Maansi Srinivasan, and I am stoked to be one of your SERT committee heads this year! I am also president of FACES and volunteering coordinator for Circle of Friends. I am interested in neuroscience and am currently in a neuroscience lab! I like Chick-Fil-a sauce and am globophobic, and I am excited to meet you guys this year!

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Hey! My name is Emily Zhou and I am one of the committee heads of SERT, the Student Emergency Response Team. I enjoy reading medical autobiographies and I want to hopefully become a cardiothoracic surgeon in the future. I am super excited to work with y’all!

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Hi guys! My name is Khyathi Thallapureddy, and I I am from Irving, TX and went to Coppell High School. I’m also Editor-in-Chief of Replay, President of Forward Tutoring, Vice President of TAMS Morals and Ethics, and committee head for Children’s Home and Student Emergency Response Team. I enjoy reading, practicing piano, singing, and sleeping. I would love to chat with you about anything from high levels of stress to good studying habits. I am super excited to work with you all and  hope to create great memories, especially as this is a new committee!


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