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5-K RUn

September, A Denton-wide 5K walk/run that allows students to perform, meet new people, and enjoy themselves at the after-party with plenty of food and free merchandise from our sponsors! 

AID the cause

November, A TAMS-wide talent show style event where students can watch their peers perform and donate money for UNAIDS-- all while enjoying good food and fun! 

Stethoscope Launch Party

February, A UNT-wide event that allows students to speak on their own publications and designs in our medical-humanities magazine, Stethoscope.

HOSA Competition

A competition where students can compete at the collegiate level in a variety of events from knowledge tests, to creative writing, to creating a portfolio on a healthcare career of their choosing!

Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS)

A set of panels where you can hear from various healthcare professionals about their careers, learn from med students about their journey, and even enjoy a dinner with a plethora of professionals. 

Career day

Second semester of the school year, this event invites the very doctors that are shadowed within the Shadows Program to the UNT campus for a Q&A dinner event. A unique factor of this event is that students will be able to hold fluid discussions with various medical professionals over a delicious meal!

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