The TAMS Psychology Association (TPA) is a committee under the TAMS Medical Society dedicated to educating TAMS students in the areas of psychology and mental health. We hold QPR training, educational lectures, and various other activities to suit the betterment of TAMS. Mekal Mathew, Smrithi Upadhyayula and Stephen Chen are the committee heads and directors of TPA for 2019-2020.


Hi, guys! My name is Allison He and I'll be the head of volunteering for TPA this year. I'm passionate about bubble tea, all things artsy, and, most importantly, de-stigmatizing mental health and bringing awareness to the psychology community! Feel free to hit me up on Facebook if you have any questions!

Allison he

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Hey guys! I’m Harish and I’ll be your outreach coordinator for TPA this year. If you want to find me I’ll probably be in Smitty playing smash bros or playing music. If you have any questions about the club feel free to reach out to me on Facebook.

Harish Suryadevara

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